Sustainability Strategy

Since 2012, Concha y Toro has a sustainability strategy, addressed through a top-down approach, starting with the vision and mission at its highest point, followed by six strategic pillars.

Each pillar has specific foci, initiatives and performance goals, with business leaders in charge of managing and monitoring compliance.

The definition of the contents and strategic foci is based on the analysis and relevant topics for the winery’s main stakeholders, identifying the areas that require internal and/or external management to achieve the strategic goals.

Sustainability Strategy

The components of Viña Concha y Toro’s strategic model incorporate the sustainability strategy into the winery’s central business, the production of high-quality wines. The sustainability strategy considers the central element to be the product, and the strategic pillars originate and are developed from there.

Furthermore, the pillars are arranged to show the way in which the strategy has been developed to incorporate the central elements of sustainable development:

  1. Economic Scope: Graphically represented by the business value chain: supply chain, product and customers.
  2. Social Scope: Represented by Concha y Toro´s employees and the society.
  3. Environmental Scope: Represented by the environmental pillar.

Business leaders were appointed for each pillar in order to implement, manage and monitor compliance with the strategy. These leaders are part of the Sustainability Executive Committee, along with the General Manager and the Assistant Manager of Sustainable Development. The Committee is responsible for continuously evaluating and monitoring the achievement of goals, incorporating the adjustments and restatements necessary in each pillar.

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