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Carmín de Peumo

Carmín de Peumo is Chile’s first iconic Carmenere. A wine that faithfully reflects its origin, the terroir of Peumo, it has been widely praised by world critics. Carmín de Peumo boosts the development of Carmenere at the global level and positions Peumo as the best Chilean location for the production of this French grape variety.


Domain of Origin (D.O.): Peumo, Valle de Rapel

Origin: 90 percent of the blend is Carmenere from the Peumo Vineyard in Cachapoal Valley. The remaining 10 percent corresponds to other red varieties from Pirque Viejo and Puente Alto.

Soil: Deep clay-loam, alluvial origin. Clay helps retain water and administer it in small doses to the plants, a process that naturally controls excessive growth and fosters optimum grape ripeness.

Climate: Sub humid Mediterranean, with warm days and cold nights. The nearby Cachapoal River exerts a cooling influence especially on summer nights, which broadens daily temperature variation and is a contributing factor to a phased, gradual ripening process.


  • Carmín 2010: 93 pts. | Wine Spectator | Only web 2014
  • Carmín 2010: 96 pts. | Wine & Spirits | February 2013
  • Carmín 2008: 95 pts. | Robert Parker’s The Wine Advocate | February 2012
  • Carmín 2007: 96 pts. | Robert Parker’s The Wine Advocate | February 2012
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  • Duck confit or magret with plum sauce.
  • Deer with gooseberry or cranberry sauce.
  • Duck ravioli with mushroom and/or truffle sauce.
  • Risotto with mushrooms.

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