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Concha y Toro
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How long does it take to get to the winery?

The estimated travel time from downtown Santiago to the winery is one hour.

How to Get There From...


By public transportation

  • Take The Metro up to Las Mercedes Station on line number 4 (blue line).
  • Once you get off the train and out of the station, take the exit that says “Concha y Toro Poniente”.
  • From there you can take a taxi to the winery or take a Metrobus to Pirque (Metrobus number 73, 80 or 81)
  • Extra Info.: A taxi to the winery should cost approximately $ 3000 chilean pesos.

By car

  • We recommend you the following option: (45 minutes from the centre of Santiago).
  • Take Vespucio Express Highway and take the exit “Vicuña Mackenna” to your left or right hand depending if you are driving south (left) or north (right). Continue on the same street, Vicuña Mackenna.
  • After approximately 5 kilometres, the street changes its name to Concha y Toro. Keep driving, you have to cross the Maipo River (San Ramon Bridge).
  • When the street ends, take your right hand to Virginia Subercaseaux Street. The first entrance at your right is Concha y Toro Winery.

Do you need more help?

If these instructions are not enough, check out Concha y Toro’s address in Google Maps