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Dry mushrooms, leek and blue cheese cream, warm flavors for a glass of Carmenere

We invite you to enjoy a simple preparation, full of aromas and wild flavors. This cream is perfect for any time of the year and specially designed to pair a glass of Carmenere. #WineForFoodies

By conchaytoro / June 15, 2017

A good soup or cream is certainly one of the favorite preparations to enjoy at any time, quickly and delicious. The captivating texture and aromas of this tasty cream will make you a fan of the blend between dehydrated mushrooms, leek and blue cheese. To get an even better experience, we propose to serve it freshly made and in any way that suits you: in a bowl, plate or even a mug. To make company, a variety that is full of Chilean tradition and that fits as a perfect match with these warm and spicy flavors: Marques de Casa Concha Carmenere.

Originated from Peumo vineyards in Cachapoal Valley, this wine has a dark and striking red color, aromas and notes of mature plums, black current and bitter chocolate. Elegant and velvety in the mouth, this Carmenere stands out for its firm structure and balanced acidity that delicately harmonizes the complexity of this recipe.

Recipe for 2



  • 50 grs. Leek
  • 20 grs. Butter
  • 100 grs. Dehydrated Mushrooms
  • 200 cc. Milk Cream
  • 100 grs. Cream Cheese
  • 120 grs. Blue Cheese
  • 400 cc. Chicken Broth
  • Salt, Pepper and Nutmeg



  1. Hydrate the dry mushrooms in boiling water, strain them and let them cool.
  2. Cut the leeks into thin slices and sauté in butter over a large nonstick pan over high heat. Add the already hydrated mushrooms and the milk cream, stirring gently.
  3. Low the intensity of the fire and then add the cream cheese, blue cheese and the hot chicken broth. Continue stirring and add salt, pepper and nutmeg. Turn off and let stand for one minute. Pour the mixture into the juicer and process until the cream is soft and even.
  4. Serve warm and generously in whatever suits you best: a bowl, a plate or a mug.
  5. Garnish with small pieces of blue cheese and mushrooms, pepper and a green twig of your choice.

We recommend consuming the cream of mushrooms, leek and blue cheese, as soon as its ready, to enjoy its soft texture and intense aromas. Now grab a spoon and say Yum!


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