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5 questions to ask yourself before buying a bottle of wine

When we are in a specialized store or in a supermarket, we often feel overwhelmed with the number of brands, strains, origins and styles of wine. Before buying, the are some key questions to be answered. The following queries allow us to acquire the wine we really want.

By Ania Smolec / July 12, 2018
Wine Journalist
  1. What mood am I? As the saying goes, about tastes there is nothing written. Some like fresh and low in alcohol level wines. Others prefer them complex and muscular. There are also the fans of the rose. Even some people only uncork reds. When faced with a wine purchase, we have to answer to ourselves: White or red? Favorite region? What aromas are we looking for? Do we like wines with great body? Do we prefer attributes such as elegance and lightness? Do we prefer fruit sweetness or freshness? This small questionnaire is key for defining which style of wine we should lean on, or at least it gives us certain lights that will narrow our search.brindis
  2. For what occasion do I need it? Yes, this aspect is very important. The style of the wine will depend on the occasion of consumption. A simple weekday lunch? A family celebration? An anniversary dinner? A gift? Again, I invite you to take pencil and paper. If it is an important event, we have to choose a more sophisticated wine (sometimes more expensive), more elaborated and finer. For a casual meal, on the other hand, you can choose a rich wine, but at an affordable price. And if the wine is for a gift, think well before buying it: an icon wine to impress your in-laws, a non-common strain to surprise our friends and nearby, or else, a mixture with a great aging potential to treasure for years in a cellar and keep it as a living memory.Casillero Reserva Privada regalo
  3. With what food am I thinking of pairing it? When there is no harmony between the dish and the wine, we do nothing but destroy the beauty of both. The experience is a cacophony of notes and not a symphony. If the wine is going to be served with a specific dish, consider the weight and aromas of both. If you do not have much experience in pairing, the oldest rule of all says that white meat goes well with whites, while red meat pairs with reds. It is a safe path, but little fascinating. You already know that you can serve a fatty fish, such as tuna, albacore or grouper, with a light red wine. Also, a salty and complex meal, like a foie gras or terrine, with a sweet wine. Do not stop experimenting.Casillero Merlot
  4. What is my budget? In the market, there are wines of very different price ranges, from a couple of dollars per bottle to certain icons that cost thousands. You know better than anyone (more than the seller of the store, for sure) how much money you want to spend in this purchase. If you already know the style and the occasion of consumption, you already have a most of the job done. You just have to position yourself and look for the right price segment. It is a myth that only expensive wines are wonderful. There are many wines of moderate price that also surprise and delight.
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  5. How many bottles will I need? We can buy a box of wines and save a part so that it evolves in our cellar. But, if we do not want to spend so much, take this into account: a bottle of wine is enough for 7 glasses. For a party, on the other hand, it is calculated half a bottle per person, even more if your guests are wine lovers. In these cases, of course, make sure that diners move by taxi to return home safe.

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