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5 tips to buy wine online

Today we do not need to leave the house to buy a box of wine for our private collection. I invite you to check out some important steps to buy wines online without any trouble.

By Ania Smolec / July 14, 2017
Wine Journalist

With the fast and intense lifestyle, we choose our phone or computer to organize trips, buy cloths and even make some shopping at the supermarket. So why not buying wine? Every day we have more alternatives of online stores that offer wines of different prices, styles and origins.

However, there is still a bit of fear of the unknown. Many consumers prefer to feel the bottle in their hands before making the purchase decision. Here are some steps to prepare yourself and buy online, with all the confidence in the world.

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1. Always buy from a reliable source

The last thing you want to worry about is if your wines are in good shape. Take a look at consumer reviews before buying.

2. Compare, compare and compare

When you start online shopping in your country and region, make a small study first; compare offers and conditions of the different websites.

A good eCommerce should:

  • Always offer wines that they actually own in their hold.
  • Be clear and transparent about clearance and payment conditions.
  • Publish wine information, such as tasting notes, a summary of the characteristics of the vintages and descriptions of their origins.
  • Have an easy-to-navigate site, a known address and contacts.
comprar vino online

3. Take advantage of special offers

Price is always an important argument. At online stores you can find really great deals. You can get your favorite wines, but also find out first all about new vintages or lines. If you buy wines for your home, without any hardship, it is definitely a very comfortable mode, where you do not have to worry about boxes or parking.

Sometimes you are not sure about the style of wine you are looking for, or you simply need a box for your birthday party. In this case, you are not so concerned about the wine’s variety or vintage. You are just trying to get a great wine at a great price. Big purchases of online wines are subject to great discounts.

4. Shop at your own rhythm

Online shopping is a good choice for those who prefer to study their options a little and calmly decide what they want to buy. Some people, upon entering a wine store, get lost or confused among the numerous labels on the shelves. If you like to take your time to learn about wines and their origins, online shopping is a super good idea.

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5. Before buying, keep in mind

  • If you need the wines for tomorrow, better buy them at a wine store because your order may take a couple of days. Sometimes users complain about slow delivery. And rightly so! It is often related to inventory problems. There are shops that do not update their stocks of wines and contact the producer once they have received the order. I repeat: that is why you always choose reliable sources.
  • Assuming that you are never at home and live alone, consider that someone must sign and receive the box with your wines. A trusted custodian is critical.

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