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Decanting, one of those wine world magic words. What’s about?

All you have to do is open the bottle of wine and then gently pour it into this special glass flagon. Some of those carafes have a swan’s neck shape, some are flat, round bottom and narrow neck.

By Ania Smolec / June 24, 2013
Wine Journalist

decantaciónIf you have to serve an older vintage today and you don’t have decanter at home, don’t worry. Open the wine 2 hours before the serving and let the wine catch some air.

Wine needs to “breathe”, with air  it has more open and expressive bouquet.

Decanting is recommended to both, to young wines – to make them more round with their vibrant tannins. But mostly the procedure is used with the old vintages, particularly red wines. In this case, is about leaving the tannins residue in the bottle. The wine is poured into a decanter, and a residue is left in the bottle.

Don’t forget to decant your older vintages of Don Melchor, Gravas del Maipo, Carmín de Peumo, and Cabernet Sauvignon from Terrunyo and Marques de Casa Concha lines.

There is a whole range of accessories for the decantation.  In a domestic environment, the simple decanter is enough.  What you need to remember is to keep it clean, no matter how expensive or how cheap is yours, it is important to wash it as soon as possible after using. Simply poor lots of warm water to rinse it until the glass surface is transparent again. The best way to dry the decanter is to put it upside down.

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