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How to transport wine bottles?

Moving a few bottles is quite simple, but what happens when we change flats and need to move hundreds of bottles? What can we do to keep our treasures intact?

By Ania Smolec / December 06, 2017
Wine Journalist

I want to present you some useful tips on how to move a few bottles but as well boxes of wine. A wine bottle is not as fragile as you think. You do not know how many times I dropped one on the floor and it remained without a scratch. Here are some ideas to avoid accidents and enjoy our wines without setbacks.

Moving into a new apartment

Moving to another neighborhood or city is a challenge, especially if you have a wine collection. You are going to need cardboard boxes. I prefer boxes for 6 bottles. The 12′s are very heavy and difficult to move, at least for me. You run the risk of breaking down. A few weeks before moving, ask for support at your favorite wine shops: boxes and cardboard dividers.


If your wines are collectible, I recommend wrapping the bottles in paper so that the labels are not destroyed. I like to write in the boxes which wines are inside and secure them very well with tape.

If you cannot get enough boxes, buy bubble foil. It is a very good protector of wines. If you buy a TV or refrigerator, do not throw away the foil. It costs nothing to have it in the closet for moving and traveling. You never know.

Keeping your gift safe

My favorite way to move a wine for a gift is with an original wooden box. For example, at our Wine Shop in Pirque, you can buy some wines from Fine Wine Collection lines, such as Terrunyo or Marques de Casa Concha, in their beautiful and safe wooden boxes.

Don Melchor 2010 regalo

If you have a bottle with its original packaging, buy a nice tissue paper, wrap it and place it in a gift paper bag. Remember to choose a thick paper and good bottom. We have to avoid accidents.

A very nice idea to move our wine gift is to make a box or another kind of wrapping (cloth, cardboard, wood, etc.) with your own hands. You can find many ideas in blogs devoted to DIY crafts.


Forget about wrapping bottles in clothes, especially during a plane trip. Have you seen how they mistreat bags at airports? But there is a trick that never disappoints me: the socks. Take two socks and cover the bottle at both ends. Do not worry. They can be used! The glass and the capsule protect the wine from odors. I learned this method from a very famous wine journalist colleague. A crack! The bottle is padded and takes up less space in the suitcase than the more professional plastic wrapping with air between its walls.

CDD Malbec - Maletas

Other options are some bags/sleeves made out of a material called neoprene (same as computer cases). One can carry these cases and use them during many trips. It is super practical, but certainly less romantic than socks.


An outdoor meal, picnic or a meeting with friends on the beach definitely deserves to uncork some good wines. The best thing is to use a portable cooler or a plastic bag that can be filled with water, and then frozen to maintain the temperature of our bottles during the travel time.

picnic 2

In specialized wine shops you can find several cloth bags, baskets or boxes specially designed to transport wines to an outdoor event or picnic. Thus, you do not have to worry about possible accidents. The worst that can happen is that you forget your corkscrew.

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