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Movies with the wine as a leading role

Yes, there are movies for lovers of travel and cooking, but also of wine. Today I present a ranking of my best films about wines and vineyards, romances and disagreements.

By Ania Smolec / May 18, 2018
Wine Journalist

I’m not a movie critic, so the list does not measure the quality of the cinematography, but the leading role of the vitiviniculture in the scripts. These films are in alphabetical order for you to decide, and not me, which one is your favorite.

  1. A good year is a 2006 romantic comedy about a British investment banker, played by Russell Crowe, who inherits a vineyard in France. Will he change his shares for wine bottles? Will he dramatically change his lifestyle? Will his decision be influenced by the beautiful French Marion Cotillard? Guess.
  2. A heavenly vintage is a story about a French peasant trying to become the master of enology in the 19th century. For that, he receives help from the angels on his way. A beautiful story with touches of magical realism.vino peliculas
  3. Autumn tale is a French drama from 1998, which tells the story of a vineyard and its owner, who reconnects with his feelings, to rediscover his love for wine and life. Bucolic and poetic, like all French dramas.
  4. A walk in the clouds is a beautiful love story in the evocative landscape of California. A soldier returns from World War II to fall in love with a pregnant woman, who lives in fear of her dominant father. I’m not going to lie to you. It is not a great movie, but I saw it a thousand times, because the role of the soldier is played by the most handsome man of humanity: Keanu Reeves.
  5. Blood and wine is a thriller about an implacable husband and wine merchant. But, as it happens in almost all the tapes of Jack Nicholson, the actor steals the film and the wine is in the background. Cheers, Jack. You did it again.
  6. Bottle shock is the true story of how California wine became the burgeoning industry we know today. A vintner and his rebellious son fight beat the French competitors in a mythical tasting in 1976, where some of the best wines from California and Bordeaux were measured blind. This tasting was organized by today renowned British critic Steven Spurrier, played in this film by Alan Rickman. With much humor, this film tackles one of the key moments in the modern history of wine. You have to see it.pelicula 2
  7. French kiss is a classic romantic comedy: beautiful woman, handsome man, great landscapes of Provence and Paris, many misunderstandings and a latent romance. With a funny accent, Kevin Kline plays a charismatic Frenchman, who belongs to a family of vintners. He is a ruffian, but of a singular nobility taking care with his life a vine stake that will change the history of a wine business always in crisis. My favorite moment is when Kline teaches Meg Ryan the aromas of wine and love. It’s a magical and super-romantic scene.
  8. Sideways is already a 2004 classic that produced a lot of Oscar fuss. This comedy tells the story of two friends touring the vineyards of Santa Bárbara, their misadventures, romances and existential dramas. The film elevated Pinot Noir to star status, with a neurotic but unforgettable allegory of actor Paul Giamatti. Merlot lovers were angry with this film, but I love the depth of the wine treatment and the fabulous performance of Virginia Madsen. A must.
  9. This earth is mine is a melodrama full of intrigue, set in the early days of the California wine culture. This film is recommended by the vision of how the American wine industry survived at the beginning of the 20th century. In addition, in the film we can see in action one of the best actors of the golden years of Hollywood: the great Rock Hudson.Casillero Merlot pelicula
  10. The secrets of Santa Vittoria is a war movie, where an Italian community hides a million bottles of wine during the World War II. The film presents fantastic images of the sunny Italian countryside, which will push you to click and get flight tickets. This film brings together a galaxy of stars: Anthony Quinn, Anna Magniani and Virna Lisi. In a warlike environment, love for the food and wine culture can make its protagonists smile again.
  11. Year of the comet tells the story of a woman who discovers the world’s most expensive wine bottle in the Scottish hills, while engaging in a strange romance with her coarse bodyguard. This is one of those movies that some people hate. It can be too naive and flat. But others love it for being light, entertaining and funny.

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