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Red wines vs white wines, part 2

They not only have different colors, but also aromatic profiles. In other words, - and perhaps it’s a too-easy simplification-, but whites have aromas of white flowers and fruits, while reds smell like dark fruits, and flowers.

By Ania Smolec / July 11, 2017
Wine Journalist

To truly enjoy all what the world of wine offers, I always recommend trying all possible wine styles, depending on the day, the food or the season of the year.

Yes, it is a fact, white wines are totally different in aromas and flavors than red wines, but often their worlds intersect to make our lives more complex, but at the same time more healthy and entertaining. Let’s discover more urban myths about red wines vs white wines.

Myth 6: Sparkling wines are made White Only

We are not fooled by the pale color of sparkling wines. The traditional French sparkling wines (where this style was born) are composed of the white strain Chardonnay and two red varieties: Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. Then, a classic sparkling wine like Subercaseaux Grande Cuvée is a mixture of white and red grapes.

espumante Subercaseaux

In the case of red strains, only the juice is extracted. The contact of the juice with the skins is minimal (less than in case of rose wines). This is evident in a style of sparkling wine that is called Blanc de Noir and is made exclusively of Pinot Noir. Its color is similar to a sparkling Blanc de Blancs, which is made only of Chardonnay.

Myth 7: Whites from cool climate and red in warm areas

In both types of climate (cold valleys, such as coastal Casablanca or Leyda) and more continental, such as Colchagua or Maipo), white and red varieties are grown. It all depends on the variety.

Marques de casa concha pinot noir limari

Fine-skin strains such as Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Noir are grown in cold climates because they could not withstand the long, hot summer, while grapes such as Viognier or Cabernet Sauvignon can deal with warmer weather, mature with patience and offer delicious wines.

Myth 8: Calories

Some of you believe that a glass of white wine fattens less than one of red. For all of you, I have bad news. Usually, they have the same level of calories: about 140 kcal.

cata nariz

But do they really get us fat? Mmm. Depending on your point of view. I believe that a glass of wine, combined with food has an opposite effect and supports the body’s metabolism. But you do not necessarily have to agree with me.

Myth 9: White wines are for fish; red wines for meat

And again, we must return to our precise description of a wine according to its style. There are fish and poultry that surely work best with a white, such as ceviche with Sauvignon Blanc, grilled hake with a Chardonnay or a chicken breast in a white sauce with a white blend like Trio Chardonnay. And obviously, there are beef or lamb dishes that always ask for a red wine.

Casillero Pinot Noir atun

But there are some more fatty fish, such as tuna, that work best with a red wine like Casillero del Diablo Pinot Noir. Other lean meats, such as pork loin, which are extinguished with a red, but shine with a corpulent white like Casillero del Diablo Viognier.

Myth 10: Only red wine is healthy

Without a doubt, red wines are very healthy. Several scientific studies show its anticancer properties and its ability to lower bad cholesterol in the blood. This protects our heart from cardiovascular diseases. It is enough to mention the French paradox and the Mediterranean diet.

brindis copas vino blanco

But white wines also have healthy properties. Although they contain less antioxidants for our heart, research shows that they protect lung tissues.

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