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The ideal wine for a cheese board: Hard Cheeses

The production method of the following style is very difficult; we are talking about hard cheese. Large round blocks, mostly from alpine mountains, must have the right flavor and structure. The whole production process takes even 3 years.

By Ania Smolec / June 30, 2017
Wine Journalist

Hard cheeses have half as much water as fresh cheeses and give slightly sweet and strong notes, such as walnuts, as well as notes of freshly cut fresh grass and flowers. In this category, we can name the French Beaufort and Comté, Swiss Gruyère, buttery and strong Mahón, and the salty and powerful Italian Grana Padano.

These hard cheeses surprise us with their holes, produced by the gas released during the fermentation. They are the sweetest and hardest cheeses, and respond perfectly with a sparkling wine like Subercaseaux Extra Brut. This style of wine emphasizes its nutty and earthy character.

Quesos duros

Hard cheeses are sometimes saltier than others. With salty cheeses forget about the strong and tannic reds! The salinity highlights the tannins, making the wine aggressive and unpleasant. We need a wine with good acidity like the mentioned sparkling wine or Trio Chardonnay.

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