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Gran Reserva Serie Riberas: down by the river…

I started at Concha y Toro about 16 or 17 years ago, and we planted the vineyard in Marchigüe the same year, so I’ve seen the entire progression. At first the wines made from this vineyard went into other Concha y Toro lines, but we began a new project back around 2007 that changed everything.

By Marcio Ramirez / July 01, 2014

The company decided it wanted a new line of wine to be managed by new winemakers with a fresh approach. They asked three of us to each make a wine for consumers who know their wines and are looking for something different –a wine that would fill a niche between Trio and Marques de Casa Concha.

I set out to make a Cabernet, and I knew just where to start. In fact, we all did, and as it turned out, we each had a favorite site close to one of Chile´s major rivers, which is where the name of the line came from- “Riberas” means riverbanks.

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